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Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon

Welcome to Willard Power Vac, we offer Furnace Cleaning and Air Duct cleaning to the entire Portland Metro area. Please check out our services on the right, and thank you for stopping by!

Furnace Cleaning Portland Oregon
Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon

Mission Statement

Since 1975 it has been the goal of Willard Power Vac, Inc. to provide to its customers an honest, trustworthy service by which we clean commercial, residential and industrial H.V.A.C. systems.

It is our desire to work with each customer to provide the best service possible. We do this by listening to their unique request and helping them solve any problems or answer any question they may have, in regards to their heating and air conditioning system.

We strive to the best of our ability in order to facilitate the proper removal of soot, dust, dirt, debris and other contaminates from their heating, cooling, exhaust and ducting systems.

This is reached by using the most up-to-date truck mounted vacuum equipment in conjunction with a variety of internal duct cleaning devices to ensure source removal in a timely and professional manner. This in return provides a more efficient and cost effective H.V.A.C. system.

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